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asked Nov 8, 2014 in Tips & Tricks by NameThatMovie (305 points)
LOOKNTM: Hi guys, I just noticed that all the questions from yesterday are missing, and maybe even some replies from a couple of days ago. They are not hidden, just gone. Can they be retrieved. Does it have something to do with a javascript error I received earlier when commenting?
I also noticed this problem.
For example, this question was answered by me and someone else 1 or 2 days ago, but those answers (and a comment by me) are gone:

Another example:
I answered this question yesterday, or the day before yesterday, but my answer disappeared. I resubmitted an answer:
@VHS_Lives I did have run some updates two nights ago to update some security issues.  Can you take a screenshot of the javascript error (if you're still getting it) and send it to me?  

@casspir Thanks for providing those URLs; it make tracking them down a lot easier.  Unfortunately, it does looks like they were casualties of the upgrade.  The site was supposed to be in maintenance mode and not allow for new questions or answers during that period but apparently--and aggravatingly--it did.
I did get a screencap, as it is still happening. Is there somehow I can send it to you?

It says: "Unexpected response from server - please try again or switch off javascript"
Sorry for the hassle on this; it's tough for me because I can't duplicate it.  If your t*h@gmail address is valid I'll email you and you can send it back to me that way if you don't mind.
Yes sir, it is valid. I can send it to you that way.
LOOKNTM Hi, is there a way you/I can delete my account? Thank you!
LOOKNTM: Could you please delete my account. Or tell me how to do it myself. Thank you.
LOOKNTM: Could you please delete my account. Thank you.
LOOKNTM If possible, could you delete my account? Thank you!

1 Answer

Clear — Does not require an answer. Removing from unanswered list.

answered Sep 1, 2015 by NameThatMovie (305 points)