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80/90s movie - children trapped in abandoned house, escape with treasure

I saw this movie at least over 10 years ago on TV. I vaguely remember it starting with students being let out of class, and they're out near the front of the school. One of the kids has a crush on a girl and he's talking to her, but he drops her necklace down a sewer drain. They follow the drain pipe to an abandoned house/building or something. The next thing I remember is a bunch of them are inside (a nerd, the pretty girl, the guy who has a crush on her, a bully, and maybe others). They're trapped, and the house is creepy and they have to escape. There's a spider-like skeleton head that is trying to guide them through the house, and a monster that they're trying to avoid.

I remember a scene where the nerd vomits because he opens a closed door and I think it's implied that there's a lot of blood behind the door.

They eventually escape with treasure.
asked Nov 23, 2014 in Name That Movie by emk14 (6 points)
Can we say it was in english? This one is one we have never been able to guarantee the language. Was there a bottle that the spider capped? Does a magician come to mind? Did you see it on disney?
I believe it was in English. I don't remember ever watching movies that weren't because I hated not understanding. Yes to the bottle/spider cap, and I'm almost 100% positive it was on Disney channel! I can't remember if there was a magician or not, but it sounds like you know which movie I'm asking about!
I wish I knew the name of it, but sadly, I only know these details because two others have asked for something similar; your post showed me they were all the same. Is there any chance you watched it on disney channel usa instead of canada? Here are the other two questions, maybe it will help jog some more memories. The closest I have come to, so far, is "Spooky House" or "Monster Squad". I do not think either are it, but it may be worth a look.
Wooow, I can't believe other people have seen it. My friends had me convinced I made it up from a dream haha. Those descriptions definitely seem to match.

I don't believe it was Disney Channel USA. It was definitely Family Channel. I looked at both Spooky House and Monster Squad, and those are not it :(

Is there anything I can look into doing to help me figure out what movie this is? Anything that'll help narrow down searches or something? It's been bugging me for months!
The best thing right now is to also ask at yahoo answers, i remember this movie, what's that movie, etc., so you can reach the most people possible. There is always using advanced search on imdb, like I have tried, but *only choosing to search through feature films, tv movie, and video together, but only one genre at a time like family, fantasy, adventure, and restricting the year from 1980 (or 1970) - 1999 , and set the language as english.* I looked through a lot over time, of combined genres, but to no avail. It may not even have a plot written, so you may have to open the movie and reqd reviews, or google them, etc. There is always writing family channel an email to see if they can help. Look through disney channel movies on wiki, to see if any come to mind, none did for me, but maybe you will see it. Also, FC is known to show tristar flicks, but I can try to look into it. There are a couple of more shots to take, but starting with those is a good move. I reached out to both others looking for this flick, to see if more comes to mind with what you know. Good luck. And please let me know what you find out. I will let you know if I come across any answers with the tristar search.

Anything turn up for you in your searches? Do you remember when you saw it?

1 Answer

Best answer
This movie's name is "Demon in the Bottle". Here it is in youtube:

Cheers :)
answered Feb 12, 2015 by Chlorine (25 points)
selected Feb 12, 2015 by emk14
Wow, excellent!
At 0:20:39 there is that spider-like skeleton head thing.
Chlorine, you're the BEST!! The mystery of this movie has been on-and-off haunting me for yeeeears! How'd you know??
Emk14, I based my search on google on the words the author of the question used to describe the bottle cap and added other key words. So the words I googled were: "bottle cap head spider treasure movie". The first result of that search was a question in another website which contained the answer: