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What is the name of this movie?

Ok, I joined because I can't find the name of a movie I watched within 6 months, and I am dying to find it and buy it. Movie experts, this is the best I can provide.....

I believe the movie was featured on Hulu, Fearnet, or Youtube.....and no, I cannot relocate it.

The movie will describe like Chernobyl Diaries, but it is not.

It is sort of a cannibalistic type "end of the world's food supply" movie

Approximately 6-8 people take refuge in a school or hospital.

One guy is elected the "Leader"

Soon into the movie, a somewhat attractive woman is brought into the refuge location and some people are concerned because they no nothing about her, while other feel no harm due to her looks, frame, and being a woman.

The next morning, they come to find their leader is missing and the group are divided between belief she was involved.

Shortly into the film, the woman kills one of the group and soon after, a clan of men with Mad Max looking attire show up in the court yard, obviously looking for "food". The group begins to scatter and hide.

As the cannibalistic group hunts the others in the school/hospital, they are brutalized and taken if caught.

The most memorable scene was a guy/woman, hiding underneath a stainless steel cabinet, behind a sliding door sort of like under a resturaunt/cafeteria sink. When he/she thinks all the cannibals left, she/he slowly opens the stainless sliding door and looks out to make sure the coast is clear. At that moment, a cannibal violently snatches him/her by the hair and yanks him/her out of hiding spot.

The only other scene I recall is one of the women toughening up and seeking revenge on the cannibalistic clan and goes to their refuge and kills a few and saves the day.

If there were any movies similiar to it, I'd have to say Doomsday..

If anyone has any ideas, please post your suggestions or Email the response to

Thanks in advance!!
asked May 26, 2012 in Name That Movie by JackdUp (8 points)

1 Answer

The answer to my question has been posted on another forum.  The movie is titled "Tooth and Nail."
answered May 27, 2012 by JackdUp (8 points)