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1990-2000s movie, a female's clone of opposite sex ran away from a researcher that create him.

A woman happen to have a clone of herself without her consent. The clone is, surprisingly, on the opposite gender of the woman itself (a.k.a a male). Later revealed to be a failed method of non-surgical sexual reassignment method, that turned out making a clone of opposite sex.

The cloned male were aware about his (was her) sexual changes, as he believe that he is a woman (noted that now he had "nine inches sausage"). He retained his habbits of bathing (he was a woman, or was created from a woman).

The cloned male tried to convince the woman (which strangely fallen in love with him) that he is she herself. The woman does not believe him, where he consulted to one of his friend (her friend?), which is a male. His friend believe his story (also shocked when he made a statement of his "nine inches sausage", his friend reacted as his is shorter than the cloned male's).

Dissapointed as her disbelief that he is she herself, he decided to arrange a date using his knowledge of her (he himself is she) to arrange a romantic scene of her dreams. As she kisses him, she felt like she kisses her own brother, and in turn believing his story (as I remembered).

It turned out that the scientists inventing those non-surgical sexual reassignment tried to kidnap the male to study him.

She and her friend tried to help him, and re-kidnap him away.

My memory of this part were blurred, but I remembered at the end, both three of them find the machine that created him, where she accessed it using a virtual-reality google (along with him), deleting the clone of her (she recreated him on the gesture commands, then delete him). It was a success, but her eyes looked like she miss the cloned male.

Edit: When the woman and her clone entered the machine, they lay in a bed inside the machine (or was it connected to the machine?) and put the virtual reality google. The google displays surreal landscape, and suddenly a CGI robotic eye popped out in front of the woman, opting multiple choices to recreate the cloned male.
asked Dec 4, 2014 in Name That Movie by thefinder (6 points)
edited Dec 5, 2014 by thefinder
Is this an american film? You could not be remembering "Terminal Justice", in some way, could you?
I believe it is not Terminal Justice, just watched last night, and I know that it is not the movie I was looking for.
And yes, I believe that it was an american film.
Thanks for suggesting an answer though :D
I'll take a wild guess that I'm sure will miss:

"Virtual Sexuality" (1999)

Trailer on YouTube:
Ouh, that's the movie! "Virtual Sexuality"
Thank you MystMoonstruck!
Please put it as an answer, so that I could marked it as the answer.

1 Answer

Best answer
Oh! I'm really surprised! I just decided to give it a chance.

"Virtual Sexuality" (1999)

Trailer on YouTube:

I'm so happy that I could help!
answered Jan 24, 2015 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
selected Jan 24, 2015 by thefinder
You surely got a bull's eye, at the very first guessing, hahaha.
Thank you so much for your answer :)
You're welcome, and thanks for the BA! I do love gold stars=}