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a romance movie about a boy geting this girl

In the begginning the boy an d girl and his freind went to this funeral wher a van crashed and sisters and a father came out after that he went to get his car fixed but needed time so he was lent an auston martin and took the girl and his freind out and got pulled over and the cop said the car belongs to a mob boss then somewhat in the middle the boy is in this party with the girl and they where about to kiss something happens and she leaves the boy follows her and she turns around and tries to hit him but hit the cop that was behind him and she got arrested for a short time  so far thats all i know...
asked Dec 24, 2014 in Name That Movie by hjking23 (1 point)
Was this a british movie? When/where did you see it?
It was in english but i dont know but for sure it is not older than 2000 and if so it is a british can u give me all the names u think it is
I wish I could help, but I needed that info for searches to try to help. Nothing yet, but I will try again.

This may help. You might look at the pics to see if you see the car. It will have the movie title under it... it does not have everything, but it is a start.
Thanks so much i found it even tho i went to that website and didnt bother to look at all the pages its on page 15 thank u so much its called behaving badly

1 Answer

Thanks so much i found it even tho i went to that website and didnt bother to look at all the pages its on page 15 thank u so much its called behaving badly

commented Dec 25, 2014 by hjking23

answered Nov 27, 2016 by sancho (106 points)