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British comedy about guy who falls in love with punk girl, so starts acting like her, ends with him in full body cast after disco dance move accident.

For Christ sake, doing this on iPad which sucks on its own, but it's just crashed after I had finished and now I'm righting it again.

This film I just cannot find no matter what I try, it's a British comedy made in the 2000's most likely, but maybe earlier, but based in disco and punk era England, and just insanely good, if I remember it correctly.

It starts with the main character narrorating with a grainy film aesthetic and he's on a roller coaster with his farther ashes, which he proceeds to spill onto himself (tho the spilling might be at right at the end for a comedic finish)

well he sees this punk rock girl, falls in love at first sight, and decides to start acting and dressing punk to fit in with her.

it ends with them both being in a disco club and he does the classic travolta dance move, and he becomes stuck in that position, he gets a full body cast.

sorry I can't  remember more but hopefully this is enought, would really love to see this film again, one of my favourites from childhood but only seen like twice, was on like sky demand (British tv company) and forgot the name after a while.
asked Dec 26, 2014 in Name That Movie by ISellMeth (6 points)

1 Answer

Best answer
"Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?"

That took a bit to find. A trope page on ashes helped me find it. Enjoy.
answered Dec 26, 2014 by VHS_Lives (10,752 points)
selected Dec 26, 2014 by ISellMeth