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Movie from the last few decades about a young boy drowning?

Within the last decade or so, I watched a movie that's title I cannot remember. I only remember one scene from the movie though, and I don't remember what ended up happening after this scene in the movie. Here's how the scene went:
A young boy (about 5-7 years old), asked his parents if he could go outside and play by their back yard pond. (I can describe exactly what the pond looks like, it followed the back of their house and it had a store dock going over it.) The parents told the young boy that he could go out and play, but to be careful and to stay close. The dad watched the child from his office window in the house, while the mom cooked dinner or something like that. The dad continued to watch the boy from his window, and he looked down for a minute, when he looked back up the boy was no where to be found. The parents were panicked, and when they went outside looking for him I'm pretty sure they found his toy either on the dock or floating in the water. I'm not sure if they ended up actually finding his body, or if it ended up being a mystery and he was still alive in the end. (It WAS NOT the movie Don't Look Now). Thank you in advance.
asked Jan 4, 2013 in Name That Movie by Kerrbear (1 point)

1 Answer

"Half Light" (2006)
starring Demi Moore
From Wikipedia:
Rachel Carlson (Moore) is a successful American murder mystery author living in London with her five-year-old son, Thomas (Balawi) and her second husband, Brian (Cusick), a successful book editor that has been unable to get any of his own works published. His mother being too busy working on her latest novel to play with him, Thomas goes outside to play outside their canalside home, only to accidentally drown, devastating Rachel and putting a tailspin on her marriage and her ability to finish her latest novel.

You can read more of the plot summary here:

It doesn't show much of the opening incident, but here's the trailer:

I just found the complete film at YouTube!

Since you couldn't remember the rest, I can't be positive except that it starts with their son's death by drowning.
answered Jul 21, 2013 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)