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i watched this movie a few years ago, had a ghost ship that mysteriously got around 6-7 people on board who didn't know each other. I really want to know the name of this movie! It's been eating me up! Help!

There were rules, I just remember one of them...
Do not try to open doors that are locked.
One of the men try opening a locked door and he get's burnt alive or something...?
The people who come on the ship, don't know each other. There's just one "person" on the ship who resembles a butler...

And I'm not sure but the people were on the ship because they had bad souls, something related to having the seven deadly sins over them ...

Also, in the end only a man and a woman survive out of all the others. They go in a boat and there are dead souls trying to get them but they escape and they end up in the real world with no memory of anything ever happening to them, no boat, nothing, not even each other.

The last scene had both the man and the woman seeing/meting each other in front of a paining of the ocean looking at it mesmerize(?)
asked Jan 16, 2013 in Name That Movie by Clevi (3 points)
Oh my gosh, I've seen this. I think it was on Chiller or maybe the Sci-fi channel.
It was an original made for tv movie. I swear the word ghost was in the title but thats not much help to you, sorry.

1 Answer

"Ghost Voyage" (2008 TV movie)
From IMDb review:
Antonio Sabato Jr. stars as one of a group of disoriented passengers who awaken aboard a strange cargo ship in the middle of the ocean with no recollection of how they got there or where the ship is heading. A man known only as The Steward (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) quotes a strange series of ship's rules to them. Where are they going? Where could the rest of the crew be? Why do they keep disappearing one by one?

Here's the movie trailer:
answered Jul 16, 2013 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)