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a woman marries a wounded man hoping to get her inheritance, it was an agreement, he had to die soon and she will be free to marry her real love

She is smart and elegant, loves a very distant man, but even if he gives her some kind of attention she can't wait. In her father's will it's written that if she doesn't marry before she gets to her 25-26th b-day she will loose her money or the house (or everything i can't remember). Everything goes to her uncle(or other relative), his wife mocks on that and she becomes desprete enough to go to an agreement. I can't remember for sure how she meets him but it's in hospital and he is dying. I think he is a soldier. He agrees to marry her knowing why she needs this but he wants that his sister tobe cared for, she is an old lady (not that old, she just didn't marry at the "right age"). They marry and she waits for him to die, she feels sorry for him and also has to deal with her relative that is very suspicious about this marriage. No one heard of that soldier and they knew she never had someone in her life but they convince everybody. His sister finds out about this deal and she shows that she doesn't like it. Somehow she gets the doctor to convince his new wive to take care of him in her house. She is rich and his sister thought that at least in his last days he is going to be cared for at 100%, but she never gives up on him, she finds a doctor that agrees to check him. He comes and with time we know that the soldier is going to survive. The reason why he was dying was the fact the doctors used tomuch of opium (in those days this was always used to cure patients but if the doctors will give the patient too much they actually poisoned a lot of their patients).

Our main character finds out that her love actually liked her a lot but because of a past mistake he didn't want to rush into anything. By this point we know that they are alike, both are distant, not very emotionally and both want more practical relationship, without any kind of drama or passion.

When it is a fact that the soldier will survive, she can't just throw him away so she takes care of him. They have a moment when then the soldier got up from his bed and went outside, she goes toget him back, we understand that he is shaky because of his "rehab". He confuses her with someone else and kisses her with a lot of passion.

I don't remember exactly why they didn't have a divorce but the soldier finds out that he has an inheritence for himself. He used to have a rich family with step brothers that are dead now because of the mistaked they made (they are bad). He goes to his house and starts to administrate the estate. She helps him with that. She is actually very good and even better than him at that. Her father thought her everything about running a land like this, she knew everything about horses etc etc etc

They also have a thing in cellar when they go after a bottle of wine. They are toghether now but not actually together.

They go back in the town, she meets with that distant man and he was hoping to get her. He kisses her and the soldier enters the room and see them. He acted not very calm but more like an ice queen and the distant man told her that this is not a reaction of an agreemnt to get an inheritance. He advices her to get the soldier back, in that moment she understands that he himself was hurt a lot in the past.

She goes after the soldier but he still acts like he doesn't care. Eventually they make peace and of course they stay together.
asked Jan 21, 2015 in Name That Book by CristinaTengwar (70 points)

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The Bargain, by Mary Jo Putney.
here's the goodreads link-
answered Jul 9, 2015 by sesare (31 points)
selected Aug 31, 2016 by CristinaTengwar