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Assault on bank money convoy, escape through the sewer system

there is an assault on a bank convoy transporting gold and valuables... the diversion is accomplished using special effects from the rooftoops, but the assault and escape are carried out from and through the sewer system
asked Jan 26, 2015 in Name That Movie by ntrprtr (1 point)
Maybe a version of the "Italian Job", "Domino", or "Inside Man"?
Thanks for the reply... I went to IMDB but the dates of the movies you suggest put them out of range... This movie should be from late '60s to early '70s (and VERY well made for the time it was made....) the special effects if I remember correctly are comparable with those in the original version of "The Poseidon Adventure"...
Oh ok. The original Italian Job was 69 if I am correct, and did feature a scene of that nature; just in case the remake is what you saw on imdb.
Hey, ntrprtr, I am 100% sure that the "The Alpha Caper" is the movie you are looking for (see the Answer below). Please confirm it. Thanks!
Finally, someone has recently uploaded the complete movie on Youtube, I have just watched it, the first time since the 80's, that's the movie you are looking for. If you come back here, please mark my Answer as Best Answer by clicking on the yellow star. Thanks!

1 Answer

Full movie is on Youtube:
Henry Fonda is the mastermind behind the plan, Larry Hagman plays the movie special effects guy. At ca. 0:18:41 starts the scene where Fonda meets Hagman on a movie set and they discuss the special effects.
At 0:45:25 the convoy transporting the gold bullions moves out.
At ca. 0:47:25 the robbers start the assault from the sewers.
At 0:52:40 explosions under the armored cars, simulated gunfire by special effects serves as distraction.

"The Alpha Caper" with Henry Fonda

There is a gold shipment in armoured trucks, and the robbers assault from the sewers.
The convoy of armored cars progresses slowly on the street, armed guards escort the convoy on foot, they don't expect a robbery attempt from below the surface, and I think the robbers even force the convoy to stop (maybe by manipulating the traffic lights?), they then remove the sewer covers and attach limpet mines to the hull of the cars from the sewers. They even build a mock-up of a sewer manhole and they practice how to attach the mine to the cars. They have a special tool for this.
That's all I remember, I saw this only once in the eighties.
answered Jan 26, 2015 by casspir (19,122 points)
edited Mar 6, 2015 by casspir