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90's movie wealthy man has been searching for missing wife, finds lead with a cryptic european woman

Film was likely made in the late 90's at the earliest and released no less than 2011. It took place in modern times. A wealthy man's wife had disappeared many years before and he had been searching for her ever since. There was suspicion that she had died, committed suicide, or faked her own death to escape her husband and to reinvent herself. It opens with the man chasing down a lead concerning her where-abouts in Europe - I believe it was in Paris although I have no recollection of any of the typical Parisian citiscapes. The man is likely in his late 30's to 40's and I expected him to be a semi-popular european star like Michael Nyquist or maybe a name like Peter Scarsgaard (but he may be too young). All actors spoke fluent English with only the subtlest of some european accents.

The clue that led him here involved a painting possibly done by his wife being held at an auction. The man is uber-wealthy and has no issue winning the bid but a woman with long dark hair also made a substantial bid for the painting which is how he encounters this woman with possible information about what happened to his wife. I think the woman worked as a fashion designer and hints that she did know the woman who created the paintings but is cryptic about everything else. In pursuing the truth of the matter, the man becomes caught in a web of her hedonistic lifestyle and alluring mystery. At one point he had to rescue her from some drug den (I believe it was daylight when he did so.) The man seems genuinely grief-stricken over his wife's disappearance even after maybe a decade after the fact. I had some suspicion that his motives were more of a controlling upper class guy intent on taking back what was his but the actor clearly showed that he was more a victim of his loss than anything else.

In the end, the dark-haired woman directs him to his wife's gravestone. I believe she had changed her name, re-invented herself, developed some sort of drug habit and/or disease and died a few years earlier.

I cannot recall anything about the title but I imagine it would have focussed on the wife and her disappearance. The film felt more european in its movement - less physical action and more meaningful dialogue.

One scene I can recall that may be of no help whatsoever was when the painting was delivered wrapped in brown paper and the husband had it sitting against the wall of his foyer. He had gotten frustrated/upset about something and tore the paper open.

Let me know if you have any questions but that's about every detail I could recall.

asked Jan 28, 2015 in Name That Movie by epoclaen (1 point)