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Girl getting beat up by her friends, while mom at work

A girl in a new school, mom working at the hospital and the girl gets new friends. They live only them together and after a while her friends is starting to not like her anymore. I dont remember too much but her mom is called (fake call I think) and she has to go to the hospital for a short time. The mom has been protecting her daughter due to the threats and stuff from her old friends. When the mom comes to the hospital she find out its "a lie" and rushes home. Then the daughter is already half dead to the beating and torture the old friends put her through. This is in the end of the movie. Im not sure but the mom had either blonde or red hair. The movie is probably from late 90' s or early 2000.. Thank u !
asked Feb 16, 2015 in Name That Movie by Carlamaria1992 (1 point)

1 Answer

"The Stalking of Laurie Show" (2000 TV movie)
From Wikipedia:
The movie follows 16-year-old Laurie Show (Jennifer Finnigan), a naive and trusting girl that became entangled in the lives of Lisa Michelle Lambert (Marne Patterson) and her boyfriend Lawrence Yunkin. Laurie was initially befriended by Michelle, who later turned on her after Laurie was raped by Lawrence. Believing that Laurie was lying about the rape and that she had pursued Lawrence, Michelle began harassing and stalking Laurie, often with the assistance of friends. This harassment culminated in Michelle murdering Laurie in her home with the help of her friend Tabitha Buck. Laurie's mother discovered the body and Michelle, Lawrence, and Tabitha were quickly arrested. Lawrence pled guilty and testified against the other two girls in exchange for a reduced sentence, with Michelle and Tabitha receiving life sentences without parole.
answered Feb 16, 2015 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)