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French movie. Guy is laid off. Discover there are five people with better CV than him. Plots to kill them, Succeds

Is a french movie where the protagonist is a Chemical engineer who is laid off when his company goes through a reestructuration. He is comfortable at first but soon stars to worry that he won't be able to provide for his family and that their life style will be compromised. He goes to and interview and gets a hold of the CV of numerous applicants. Through a throughout analysis he discovers that there are only five people with a better curriculum than his. He deduces than if those five people where out of the picture he will surely land the next job oppening to appear. He sets himself to met them and kill them, one by one. He changes his persona through the process, going from somewhat afraid and desperate white-collar family man in his first murder to a more decisive and ruthless killer in his fifth. As predicted, he ends up being hired and all seems peachy, The last scene of the film he is introduced by his colleagues to a brilliant young chemical engineer who is having trouble landing a job. He sees something in her, he recognizees the same drive that drove him to his killing and acts cautiously around her. The film end with them both looking at each other with tension
asked Feb 28, 2015 in Name That Movie by o'common (12 points)

1 Answer

Best answer
"Le couperet", a.k.a "The Ax"

"The 39-year-old chemist Bruno Davert has been working for a Belgian paper mill for 15 years, improving products and saving money for the shareholders. One day, the company announces that it is forced to "downsize", so 600 staff are laid off and many of their jobs are instead outsourced to a company in Romania. The result is a 16% increase in dividends to the company shareholders.
Bruno was one of the 600 laid off, and two years later he has still not been able to find another job, in spite of numerous job applications. He has lost his self-esteem and his family has been forced to give up many of its accepted comforts, such as cable TV and the internet, although his wife has taken two part-time jobs in order to keep them afloat. Bruno concludes that there is too much competition in his sector for the few jobs available, so in desperation he decides to literally eliminate his competitors, by killing those more qualified than him."
answered Feb 28, 2015 by casspir (19,071 points)
selected Feb 28, 2015 by o'common
thank you very much! I saw it years ago and thougth the lead actor was Daniel Auteuil. Hence I wouldn't have been able to find it without your help
You are welcome. I haven't seen it, but it seems interesting, so I surely will check it out.:)