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90s/Early 2000s Highschool TV show, live action mixed with 2D animation cutscenes

I remember there was a group of teenagers, they were all good friends in high school. The main character is a dark haired white boy who either draws or writes for the school newspaper or something. The transitions in every episode were short 2D joke bits, often mocking popular pop culture. I distinctly remember one episode the main guy went to his GFs house and thought her mom was hitting on him(or maybe i think it might've been a teacher hitting on him?) but the cutscene was the famous shot from the graduate and he says "mrs. [character's name], are you trying to seduce me?"

please help me find this show!

I remember the first half of the show really early on he dates this girl who goes on to date one of his friends, and when he's about to talk about his first time after they break up his friend who's now dating her is like "aw man no stop!" and he has to tell him it's not the original girl


Sorry if it's confusing. please help!
asked Mar 3, 2015 in Name That TV Show by Adidonet (63 points)
Were either american shows? Can you remember the network (wb?) they were on?
They're both the same show not sure where u caught a split there.. unfortunately i watched it in israel so i have no idea which American network it was on but the show was definitely either american or Canadian

1 Answer

Best answer
"Student Bodies"

Enjoy. I am working on finding the other too.
answered Mar 3, 2015 by VHS_Lives (10,667 points)
selected Mar 3, 2015 by Adidonet