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USA Cable TV Movie - Female Detective Chasing Killer Who Calls Before Killing Victims - Partner Killed By Killer

Caught part of this film on 5USA or 5* during December 2014. Appears to be a made for TV film (possibly canadian). Basic plot is as follows;

Blonde female cop/detective is investigating killings with her partner (and former lover/husband). Killer starts to phone the female cop prior to the killings as he has a past connection to her. Cop is conflicted about being a cop as her father who was also a cop, was a serial killer, whom she arrested. One of the murders occurs in an underground car park (a man) and the killer phones her while she is at the crime scene.

During the investigation she meets up with a guy (a high end TV / Electronics salesman) who she meets at her gym, many things occur which make him look like the killer. During following a lead on her new beau her partner and ex-husband is stabbed by the killer outside the local bar which they both used to visit.

The film ends with a rooftop shootout between the female cop and killer (who is her psychiatrist) after it is revealed a family member of his was killed by her father (possibly son/daughter).

Any Ideas?
asked Mar 16, 2015 in Name That Movie by ndalby (6 points)
Thanks for the suggestion but it's not 'Twisted'. The actors are pretty much unknowns (at least to me), certainly not the normal Hollywood crowd. Female cop was also Blonde.
I'll change it to a comment:
"Twisted" (2004)
starring Ashley Judd
From Wikipedia:
Shepard begins to experience a mental breakdown, blacking out for increasingly long periods of time. Her father, a police patrolman, had gone on a killing spree back in the 1970s then murdered her mother. She begins to fear that she has the same violent tendencies and has been committing murder in her disoriented state.

1 Answer

Finally found it, it's called Willed to Kill (

answered Mar 23, 2015 by ndalby (6 points)