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Caveman comedy following a man

Okay this has been annoying me for months. The movie starts with a caveman bashing bones and rocks to classical music like an orchestra, then there are some blanks. It goes to the main character (another caveman) talkin to the villages "wiseman" because he's old but not wise and he gives him a peice of poop, pretty sure he says "turd" in the movie. Another part of the movie is the characters trouble with women and being told you have to club them on the head and drag them to the cave. So the guy does it but he messed up and the girl ended up falling off a cliff. At some point the men all go to a battle led by the main characters father who is decapitated however he can still talk for a while. The last part of the movie I caught was the main character being kidnapped by a tribe of women and the only way he could leave was if he would impregnante them all. This movie is not at all serious and I need to know the name it's annoying me. Please if anyone could help thanks
asked Mar 22, 2015 in Name That Movie by Jtalls (1 point)
When was this made? When did you see it?
I saw it maybe 5 years ago, that sounds about right. It didnt seem too aged. The farthest I would go back is 1990 but that's maximum because it seemed to have some effects
Oh my god you found it thank you. idk how to give you the ranking or whatever that's  called for finding it
I apologize, I am unsure which movie you said is correct. Was it Stoned Age?
Yes, stoned age was correct

1 Answer

"Stoned Age"

Glad we could help. Enjoy..... You might also want to check out "The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell". It was a National Lampoon one released around the time of SA.
answered Mar 23, 2015 by VHS_Lives (10,837 points)