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A romatic/erotic movie w a slight touch of horror (thriller???)

This movie may seem weird but my friend and I are really curious about it. Please help.
I was only able to watch some parts of the movie, and now I couldnt remember its title nor the names of the actors.  Here are some details according to my friend
The husband died from a car accident and the wife had no choice but to move on since they were expecting a baby. After the baby was born, she noticed some strange things. The movie contains a lot of sexy scenes. So to cut the long story short, it seems that the deceased husband's soul was transferred to the baby. My friend told me that there was this scene where the wife/mother was taking her bath and out of the blue the baby sucked her breast. Yes this may be normal but since the husband's soul was transferred to the baby, the scene happened erotically. One strange thing the mother noticed was that the baby seemed to have a matured mind, and this was shown when things went out of hand.
asked Apr 7, 2015 in Name That Movie by lookingforamovie (6 points)

1 Answer

Best answer
"Ghost Son" (2007)
From Wikipedia: (edited)
Stacey and Mark have recently married and are deeply in love, living on Mark's farm in South Africa. When Mark dies in a car accident, Stacey misses him and decides to stay, along with their orphaned teenage maid. Later,  she learns that she is pregnant. After a complicated delivery, Stacey notes that her baby at some moments seems to be possessed by the spirit of Mark. Is he trying to kill her to bring her to spend the eternity with him?
answered Apr 7, 2015 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
selected Apr 8, 2015 by lookingforamovie

Thank you so much. Your answer helped a lot.
You're welcome!

I caught this a couple of times on a cable channel~probably Starz. I remembered John Hannah from "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns", so it was my first sight of him in a dramatic role.