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People move into an old house, people go missing, a secret room is discovered where a meteorite was being studied. The meteorite has the power to bring objects to life that eat people, but it cannot affect glass, and alcohol is its weakness.

A woman loses her son and his girlfriend in a house that they own. It's an older house that used to be owned by some kind of scientist. She starts staying at the house and discovers there's a secret area where the previous owner kept and was studying a meteor that had landed. The meteor had power to give life to inanimate objects that would consume people. It had a few weaknesses though. It couldn't affect anything glass and anything that it did affect that was exposed to alcohol was like acid to it. The mother, being an alcoholic, never got eaten by the house.

asked Apr 15, 2015 in Name That Movie by DustyKramKram (31 points)
When was this made? When did you see it?
I saw it on cable when I was a kid, so I'd say it was probably made in the late 80s to mid 90s.

1 Answer

Best answer
"The Outer Limits" (1995 revival TV series)
"If These Walls Could Talk" (first season episode)
From Wikipedia:
A young couple spend the night in an old house, and both disappear. The mother of the boy who disappeared, Lynda Tillman, goes to see Dr. Leviticus Mitchell, a physicist, skeptic and debunker of the supernatural. She offers him $5000 to investigate her son's disappearance. She claims to have been to the house and heard him crying for help.

Mitchell and Lynda go to the house. She again claims to hear the sound, but Mitchell identifies it as a rattling heating system and fixes the problem. Just as he is about to leave he hears an unambiguous voice crying for help. Along with his recording equipment, he and Lynda stay in the house overnight drinking alcohol. ... Lynda again hears the voice of her son calling for help then sees part of the wall morph into his image. Mitchell finds the wall where she saw the image and breaks it open to discover a laboratory full of dusty equipment and an unusual rock. He sends the rock to be analyzed.

They return to the house and investigate the lab further. It used to be owned by Dr. Abrams, a scientist. The house begins to shake and they again see the walls begin to change shape. ... Mitchell gets a phone call from the laboratory where he sent the rock. It is a meteorite containing a very unusual enzyme; it appears to be able to absorb and become any object and is self-replicating. It may now be making up a large part of the house. Essentially, the house is now alive and, like all living creatures, must feed. Further investigation reveals that the animated material suffers a fatal reaction to alcohol ...
answered Apr 16, 2015 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
selected Apr 16, 2015 by DustyKramKram
Holy shit, I think that's it. Thank you so much! This website is amazing.
You're welcome! It took a moment to bring to mind; the more I read of the details, the more certain I was that this "TOL" episode was what you are remembering. I started making it a comment then changed to Answer.

Thanks for the pretty gold star and BA!