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Weird TV movie??? Comedy adventure

Okay so I watched this movie that was randomly playing on tv many years ago I was about 5 at the time I am 17 now. I remember the movie opening with this guy accidentally dropping his pet goldfish down the drain and then flipping a switch to turn on the light and accidentally tiring on the garbage disposal and killing his fish. The next thing I remover about the movie is him and this chick shooting ostrich eggs out of some truck with her bra. The next thing I remember is them blowing up their pants to swim across a river. I think somewhere in the movie they I counter canibsls or something. The movie was a comedy of some sort and for the life of me I can't find it anywhere. Very strange movie.
asked May 7, 2015 in Name That Movie by 6669420 (1 point)
Hey, 6669420, "Ernest Goes to Africa" is the movie you are looking for (see the Answer below). Please confirm it. Thanks!

1 Answer

"Ernest Goes to Africa"

"Another scene that sticks out in my mind as being completely ridiculous is the car chase scene in the African wilderness. Rene and Ernest have taken an ostrich farmer's truck and are being chased by the henchmen. Driving at about twenty miles per hour on a fairly straight road, both henchmen are shooting at Ernest, who is in the back of the ostrich farmer's truck. Ernest, on the other hand, is throwing ostrich eggs at the henchmen and their driver. The henchmen never hit Ernest once during the five minute chase, but Ernest is able to fend them off by hitting them and their driver in the face, making their car swerve off the road and explode in a giant column of smoke. I should also add that Ernest is slingshotting the eggs, two at a time, from a large bra."

Full movie is on Youtube:
At 0:18:14 starts the scene with the goldfish.
At 1:00:58 the guy shoots the ostrich egg with the bra from the back of the truck.
answered May 7, 2015 by casspir (19,011 points)