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British Gang Film 2000-2015

Hey there. I'm looking for a film where an older generation gang has moved on with their life and the lead protagonist works in an office professional job.

A new, younger generation gang has claimed the streets. The main protagonist from the older generation gang is white, the leader of the younger generation gang is black (looks more black, but is mixed race according to what happens in the film).

The young gang hears that they aren't being rated as top so they set out to figure out what's up. They go to the pub, act like they own the place and the guys in the pub aren't having it so the black guy gets knocked to the ground and they're 'bullied' out of the pub.

The new gang now has a score to settle. The black guy (or mixed race) actually turns out to be the son of the white main protagonist head guy of the old generation gang as he slept with a black woman many years ago (we're talking ~20ish years here)


The game's on and things get heated. The white protagonist recalls the old boys back to the pub. He's distanced himself so they've got some resentment. Later, the younger gang beats the eldest member (fairly old, still a 'hard man' can walk and stuff but in his 70s, so can't defend himself) with baseball bats to death. He's sitting in the corner of the room on am armchair when they walk in.

The most memorable scene is when the older white guy sees his son bullying another kid as he watches through the window of his van. His son makes the kid jump up and down on the spot and empties his bag across the floor. The dad then flips at the son when he talks down to his mother at dinner, shouts and swears at him, then tells his son to get up and jump up and down on the spot, the son humiliated starts crying even as a teen but the dad forces him to continue and sends him to his room.

The white guy goes to the black guy's house with a gun (this is also the short cutscene scene we witness at the very beginning). He actually hands the gun to the black guy, saying if he shoots him then and there, it will be in front of his son but he'll be killed for the blood on his hands.

The black guy also has a son - we see him taking his son to buy some trainers. There's also another scene where he knows one of his pals snitched. He promotes one of his boys and lets this guy decide who is responsible for the snitching and to 'cut' him.

In the end, they're in a circular area of garages and numbers seem matched, but the younger gang has an ambush of guys waiting in the closed garages and up on the walls overlooking this circled-off area. The old gen guys still hold their own, and the white and black guy face off - realising he is outmatched, the black guy decides to pull out the gun and just end it. White guy dead.

Police (and a friend of the white protagonist) go to his house to inform the wife. Black guy is behind bars.

It ends with the son of the white guy going to the court where the son of the black guy is playing basketball.


Don't know the name of the actors or director etc, I just remember the film.
asked May 28, 2015 in Name That Movie by UKmovie1 (6 points)
Maybe "The Guvnors"?
Great thanks! That's the one.

1 Answer

Best answer
 "The Guvnors"

Glad we could help. Enjoy.
answered Jun 5, 2015 by VHS_Lives (10,862 points)
selected Jun 6, 2015 by UKmovie1