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Mother is some kind of ex-demon/monster killer who walks into a grocery store with her son and the son is almost attacked by some clown monster that tries to steal a moon crescent bracelet/necklace. Some other masked person that looks like deadpool comes to the rescue, asking the child to take off his mothers magical bracelet/necklace so he can speak with her about helping restore order/kill monsters in some other demon world like she use to.

I believe the release date was 2015/2016. not 100% sure but i think the mother (main character) was an australian actor (idk her name). As they enter a grocery store her son walks down the isle randomly walking away from unsuspecting mother, he begins to see all these nice things appear out of no where like butterflies and cool colors and visual effects and stuff. A clown appears and tells him if he wants to go and play with him he must put his bracelet/necklace in a gumball machine. (im assuming the bracelet/necklace was a protective charm). The child does it and the clown  turns all scary and begins to engulf the child making the grocery setting change to a dark place as "shadow" things begin to close in on the child. Some person who looked like deadpool comes and saves the child. The child reappears in the isle where the mother comes running up to him telling him not to leave her side and the child gives her a hug followed by taking off her necklace which i think was a moon crescent design. then everything turns dark around her and the guy who looks like deadpool shows up telling her about her being needed to kill monsters or restore order in some hellish looking place. im guessing she use to be some kind of protector/monster killer and left that place to live a normal life. All that was from a 4minute trailer about 8 months ago. Not sure if it came out yet or not but video looked interesting and well made. As I continue to think about it I would guess its box office worthy. Not sure if its an American Film, Highly doubt its an american made movie. If I remember correctly the movie might some Austraillian production.
asked Jul 1, 2015 in Name That Movie by KingMata (1 point)

1 Answer

answered Aug 7, 2016 by brttny2177 (11 points)