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Old (watched it 10 years ago) rv camp movie that features parents and kids camping near a forest, and the kids are divided into two factions, one being spanish conqistadors and the other being native americans. I think there is a forest fire at the end of the movie. More details in description.

I'm here to ask a about a movie that I watched when I was a kid (I'm 20 now) whose name I couldn't track down by any means.

This film takes place in a rv trailer summer camp setting where children attend with their families. There are two factions of kids that go to war against each other, one group dressing up and rping as conquistadors and the others dressing up and rping as native americans.

Native american faction owns a huge ass tree fort and at some point they make some kind of bomb which utilizes a bee bomb or something to fend off an incoming attack from the conqistadors.

Things are initially fine and good but as the movie progresses, the judges that proctor the game are kicked out of the faction war and things start to get competitive and hardcore.

While this happens, we are constantly shown the love story between a girl and a boy from the two different factions. I distinctly remember a scene where they guy and the girl are sitting alone in a forest and the fact that their faces are bug sprayed except their lips leads them to kiss each other on the lips. Shortly after, they're caught by one of the factions.

There is another distinct scene I remember in which some kids are breaking lightbulbs with a hammer to extract some kind of part from it to use it in the bee bomb mentioned above, and then some other kid comes into the scene and tells them they're doing it wrong. Then he shows them how to extract the light bulb part.

And also, if I remember correctly, there is a huge forest fire at the end of the movie.

Side note: This movie has eluded me for half a year now. Wherever I keep looking, I cannot find it. I went through so many shitty websites compiling lists of kids summer movies but that resulted in nothing.
asked Jul 1, 2015 in Name That Movie by adako3 (1 point)