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2005/2006 animated movie two native american brothers

I'm so sorry this is really long! It's just that I watched it somewhere in 2005 and remember so much from it, but I ultimately do not know the title of the movie. It was in english and definitely animated, although I'm not sure if it was in anime style or not. It is NOT a kid's show because there was lots of blood and death. The main characters are two brothers, one with long silver hair and the other with shorter dark purple. I think they were some kind of native americans, as they lived in a forest and rode on horses, but I'm not sure. It is set in a fantasy world (there are cavemen and a T. Rex). I remember TWO quotes from it: the bad guy (for some reason he's an enemy of the brothers) are trying to track them down and come across a tribe of cavemen. After he slaughters their tribe leader with a gun, he becomes the new leader. The cavemen kill the bad guy's horse and present to him the meat as food, to which he replies moodily, "I don't eat horse." However, after some more insisting, he gives in and comments, "Not bad." Some time later, he kills one of the cavemen with his gun and uses the blood to paint lines on the cave wall, resembling a river. He then points and asks them, "Do you know where this is?" to which the rest of the cavemen reply with excited grunts and hooting. Another scene I remember is when the brothers are having a flashback to when they were kids. They had come across a dead doe in the forest with two fawns, still alive, with her. One of the brothers bends down and chokes the fawns to death, and the other one is shocked and exclaims why he did that. He grimly responds that it is necessary because the fawns wouldn't be able to survive on their own anyway. Skip to the end--it's a happy ending because the bad guy dies, although it is gruesome. One of the brothers had managed to capture a T. Rex. He then uses a boomerang to throw and slice through the baddie's neck. The head falls and rolls off, when the T.Rex squishes it by stepping on top of it. Thank you so much if you can help! I'd be really grateful.
asked Jul 8, 2015 in Name That Movie by pillowrabbit (1 point)