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Asian Movie - girl is blind and sales flowers on the roadside. A poor man helps for operation

I've seen the movie a long time ago. And it was really emotional.

The girl sales flower on the roadside. And this poor guy helps her to get operation. At the end, she could see and opens a flower shop. This poor man passes thru her shop and stands before the shop door. She comes and hands over some coins. And he leaves without uttering anything. Please help me to know the name.
asked Jul 15, 2015 in Name That Movie by situtad (1 point)
This is the plot of the old Charlie Chaplin movie "City Lights".

"The Tramp and the Blind Girl meet on a street corner where the Blind Girl is selling a basketful of flowers. Upon hearing his passing footsteps, she offers the Tramp a flower to buy, which he does with money he scrounges from his pocket. He realizes that she assumes he is a wealthy gentleman when the door to a car parked in front of them opens and shuts, for she calls out to the real gentleman who has boarded the car and driven away that he has forgotten his change. The friendship that develops between the two with subsequent visits to the street corner takes a turn as the Tramp chances upon a newspaper notice for an experimental eye surgery that restores vision"...
"He stumbles upon a flower shop and there he sees the once Blind Girl, elegant in heels and a lace-collared dress, arranging a grand bouquet. He is transfixed. The once Blind Girl has been waiting for her wealthy benefactor to appear, hoping that with each car that parks in front of the shop that it is he at last. Instead, she meets eyes with the Tramp, laughs at a co-worker’s taunt that the Tramp is an admirer. As he scurries away, she catches up with him on the street and takes his hand so that she could give him alms."

According to IMDb, there is a Turkish remake:  "En büyük Saban" (1983)
Tnx for reply. But these two are not the one. It was an east asian movie with english subtitle. Can anyone help? At the end she marries another person after her surgery.

1 Answer

La bi xiao xiao sheng (Trouble Maker) (1995)

You could watch the movie on here around 1:18:00.
answered Oct 22, 2015 by jiang2181 (5 points)