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'80s horror supporting B movie - couple buy dream house, wife sees ghosts - or are they?

I have no idea what the main film was, but I saw this movie in England about late 70s / early 80s when all films had a supporting B movie. This film has a newly wed couple moving into their dream house (and I thought that was the name of the film, but can't find it in searches). The wife is at home while husband goes to work and she starts seeing things - a little boy on a bike playing in garden, a knife on the kitchen worktop with blood on it, dead bodies in the bed. First of all the husband doesn't believe her, then he finally gets a medium to come to get rid of the ghosts. The medium finds no sign of ghost activity, but when the husband takes the medium home, the wife sees a family in the house being brutally murdered, including the little boy - but never sees who is doing the killing!! Next scene sees the husband drive up to the house & knock on the door - they have sold the house, the wife has had a nervous breakdown & is in a mental hospital. Then you see the boy on the bike and realise what the wife saw is in the future. Then the husband goes back into car, but a hand comes from the back of the car and slits his throat and the camera panes to the newspaper on the passenger seat with headline about man escaped from mental asylum.

This film had a real impact on me and the boyfriend I was with and the whole cinema was hushed as the film stopped then everyone talked at once. I am sure as a B film it wasn't the biggest budget or the best acting, but the scenes of the family being killed was quite graphic (if I remember right), and to this day I check the back seat of a car before I get in!!!

I would love to know more about the movie and especially if it is available to see it anywhere, like on youtube - many thanks Becky
asked Jul 19, 2015 in Name That Movie by beckyr (1 point)
Thank you so much - this was it, but now I have found out who wrote it, I have managed to dig a bit further and found out that it was a short film in it's own right and was a supporting to film to The Exterminator. Not that I can remember The Exterminator - remember the Dreamhouse much more.

What I didn't remember were the awful clothes and those huge glasses - don't you just love the 80s. Also, the acting was fairly bad - especially the killer that keeps missing the target with the knife!!! But I will still check the back seat of my car before I get in..

And now I have done more digging into Michael Armstrong, I have found out that he was actually important in the British Horror film industry - even Quentin Tarantino was influenced by him.

Anyway, thanks again - solved a question I have had for years and will give me the opportunity of boring (or thrilling) all my friends with the film.

BTW - Michael Armstrong biography is here:

1 Answer

You're welcome!

I'll add this as the official answer:

It's a segment of  "Screamtime" (1986) titled "Dreamhouse".

From IMDb review:
Newlyweds move into a house and the wife starts seeing things. She even consults a psychic who assures her that there are no ghosts in the house. What the wife IS seeing is the twist of this segment...


Complete film:

"Dreamhouse" was remade as "Psychosis" (2010).
answered Jul 20, 2015 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)