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Early to mid 2000 IFC - ScienceFiction movie about a pending comet disaster, and a guy trying to find someone before it happens

This movie reminds me of "Miracle Mile" but this was another plot where a guy was just searching for a friend of his before the disaster happens. As he is desperately trying to get to his destination, there are a  lot of thieves, looters, and chaos he has to endure .There is gun fire, so as a brief safe-haven, he gets invited into an apartment of someone he knows, but he has never known that this friend is gay. He soon leaves and later comes across an ex-teacher's apartment. During his stay, you hear the answering machine announcing the gas company's commitment to their customers of keeping the gas on until the very last minute.  

I believe this was on the Independent Film Channel?  It seemed to have a weird one word Title, unfortunately I didn't write it down
asked Aug 11, 2015 in Name That Movie by dja1922 (60 points)
This isn't a one-word title, but the description shares some elements with "Seeking A Friend for the End of the World."
Thank you for the quick response, however I apologize that this wasn't it. It might not be a one word title either? The parts of the plot I remember seemed more like a drama instead of a comedy. I will try some more searches too. Thank you for any suggestions, as I haven't a clue to the title.
Yes it was in English, possibly filmed in New York? sorry I don't have more details - I didn't see the movie from the beginning, but the guy does make it to the arms of a female...just before the sky turns bright, and the credits began as we hear the audio from another phone answering machine stating the local gas company will keep the gas supply on until the end. (I know it's weird)  Thank you for trying!
Maybe "Meteor Apocalypse"?

It ends when he reaches his wife and kid, as they watch it all happen.
I only saw the movie from the middle to the end, so I apologize about the vague descriptions. In the movie, I believe the people of the city had enough warning before the disaster that they had time to prepare for the impending doom. It could have been the sun exploding instead of a comet or meteor -  as the picture goes 'white' at the end. (I hope this was a movie and not some special programing the channel aired)  Thank you for trying again!

1 Answer

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If you're still looking, the movie is called "Last Night"(1998)

You can watch the trailer here.....
answered Dec 26, 2015 by Sandy (7,725 points)
selected Dec 26, 2015 by dja1922
Thank you so much! I am sorry I thought it was from the 2000's.  I will check on Amazon to see if it can be ordered. Thanks again Sandy!
You're welcome! Glad I could help!