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60's documentary style film about strange things in out culture

In the 60s, movie/ sort of a documentary / social commentary - about stange things in the world, like how calfs are raised in crates for their veal.

asked Aug 20, 2015 in Name That Movie by extremekc (59 points)

1 Answer

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"Mondo Cane" aka "A Dog's World" (1962)

For such an unusual film, it has a major distinction: It's theme song, "More" was nominated for Best Song at the Academy Awards! It did win a number of awards.

From Wikipedia:

Mondo cane (A Dog's World, 1962) is a documentary ... The film consists of a series of travelogue vignettes that provide glimpses into cultural practices around the world with the intention to shock or surprise Western film audiences. These scenes are presented with little continuity, as they are intended as a kaleidoscopic display of shocking content rather than presenting a structured argument. Despite its claims of genuine documentation, certain scenes in the film are either staged or creatively manipulated to enhance this effect.

Mondo cane was an international box-office success and inspired the production of numerous, similar exploitation documentaries, many of which also include the word "Mondo" in their title.

answered Aug 21, 2015 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
selected Aug 21, 2015 by extremekc
Thanks again!!! - I saw it on TV as a kid in the 60's - I'm surprised it was shown on tv back then. I found it online now (in itialian - but the message is clear)

You're welcome! I haven't seen it since the early Seventies, so I had rather vague memories. However, I remember when it was quite a sensation when originally released. I LOVE the song "More"! It seems so odd that it's connected to this offbeat documentary.

Thanks for the BA!