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Young blonde girl murdered, two brothers is suspected.

I'm looking for a movie which story is about a young blonde girl who moved  (I think) to a new town where two boys  (brothers?) fell in love with her as she grows older and loses her braces. This girl is found murdered later and the mystery is about which one of these boys killed her. One of them is, I think, a bit mentally unstable and the other one is kinda of a tough guy.  

As I can remember you don't get all the facts at once that one of the boys has a history of violence and is mentally unstable, he seems to be the nice one of the two boys until you find that out. I think he killed her, but in the whole movie you kind of suspect the tough cool guy.

I would guess it was from the 90s... late 90s maybe. Also, I think there might be a "narration voice" in the movie.
asked Aug 27, 2015 in Name That Movie by GG85 (6 points)

1 Answer

Best answer
"Murder in Greenwich" (2002 TV movie)
aka "Dominick Dunne Presents: Murder in Greenwich"

From IMDb:
In 1974, teenager Martha Moxley moves to the high-class area of Belle Haven, Greenwich, Connecticut. On Mischief Night, eve of Halloween, she was murdered in the backyard of her house, and her murder remained unsolved. Twenty-two years later, writer Mark Fuhrman, a former LA detective who had fallen into disgrace for perjury in the O.J. Simpson trial and moved to Idaho, decided to investigate the case with his partner, Stephen Weeks, with the purpose of writing a book. The locals do not welcome them; but, with the support of retired detective Steve Carroll, who was in charge of the investigation in the '70s, they discover the criminal and a network of power and money that covered the crime. // NOTE: Martha (Maggie Grace) narrates the story in which she is battered to death with a golf club.
answered Aug 27, 2015 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
selected Aug 27, 2015 by GG85
Thank you so much! I've been looking for this movie for a couple of years now ;) Awesome! Thanks! :)
You're welcome!

May I ask a favor? Could you click to make it Best Answer? That way, it will signal to others that it has been answered. Thank you!
Ofcourse! It's done! Thank you again :).
Thank YOU=} As an answerer here, I can assure you how much we appreciate it, not only for the reward but also as an alert to our fellow answerers.

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