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70's time travel movie where kids redeem a relative

This movie was probably made in the 70's, but I saw it one day on nickelodeon in the early 90's. Some kids are helping their parents clean out their attic because I think the bank is going to foreclose on the house. They find a picture of a distant cousin, and the father tells the kids a story about him dying at sea or something. I don't recall the specific events, but somehow the kids travel back in time via some kind of chest in the attic.  They travel back to when that distant cousin was alive.  He befriends the kids and introduces them to his family (their great-great grandparents). One particular scene I recall is when the kids first arrive back in time and meet their cousin, the boy says he could really go for a cheeseburger, which the cousin has no idea what that is.  Another is one where the kids are trying to get back home with the chest.  The cousin finds them; the kids pretend they are playing hide-and-seek.  The cousin gets mad at them thinking they were snooping around.  Around the end, the cousin is about to go on his fateful sea trip, and the kids warn him about the dangers of it.  He promises to send them money when he returns. The kids transport back to their time and their father tells them it's time to go.  The daughter starts protesting, father tries to pull her out of the chest, and she happens to find a hidden compartment in the chest.  It was the money the distant relative sent.  The family ends up saving the house.  I think the father talks about going to the bank and cashing the check because it was long overdue.
asked Aug 28, 2015 in Name That Movie by master41 (524 points)
Excellent plot detail.  Any clues about who acted in this film?
I have no idea who acted in the movie.  I do vaguely recall that the distant cousin was played by a guy who sort of reminded me of Elvis.  The kids that travelled back in time was a boy and a girl.  The girl was the older one I believe.
"The Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim" (1974 TV series)
From IMDb:
Timothy is a young boy living on the streets of Toronto. He must routinely flee and hide from a bully who chases him for "five bucks! five bucks!" One day, to escape, Timothy hides in a big, battered, antique trunk that he finds in an alley. When he opens the lid and climbs out, he finds himself about one hundred years in the past where the trunk belongs to Zachariah Gibson, a charlatan (with a heart of gold) who sells "elixir" from a horse-drawn wagon. The short episodes follow the adventures of Timothy and Zachariah, now his friend and unlikely father-figure, as they face different challenges in both the "present" and the "past" always travelling between the two time periods through the magic trunk.       

This is the only one I've found so far about a trunk/chest.
Thanks for the reply, but that's not it.  This was a brother and sister travelling back in time and meeting their ancestors.  Those in the past never travelled to the future.  This was a movie I believe; not a TV series.  I remember them cleaning out the attic and they find a picture.  The father explains who is in the picture and how he died at sea.  The boy and girl travel back in time through some unexplained means, and the first person they meet is the man from the picture.

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The "out of time" episode of the NBC Special Treat
answered Feb 8 by master41 (524 points)