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90s/early 00's asian action crime movie that was on CNX in the UK

Hello, this has been driving me nuts for like 10 years... I saw this movie on the short lived UK channel CNX (which only broadcast between 2002 and 2003 so it has to have been made before then) in their "Triple A Movie" slot, I can remember a few things about it but not the title or who was in it.


It was an Asian crime action film, not sure if it was Chinese or Korean but I do remember that quite a lot of the movie was actually spoken in English, but a lot was also subtitled.  There was some kind of special task force/rapid response/swat unit that may have been a joint task force consisting of people from multiple countries and I remember the main male character wearing a tactical vest in the final scene which I think was a shootout at a boatyard or some docks.  I remember a big chase scene near the end through a lot of back alleys that ended up near some docks or maybe a container yard?


Unfortunately any information I can find about the channel only has a very limited list of films that was shown and whatever this one was, it isn't on there.
asked Aug 31, 2015 in Name That Movie by Seether (1 point)
Is it not 2002 or 2000 AD? They were shown on that segment...
I found that one (2000 AD) on the wikipedia and thought it might have been it too but after looking at the trailer it definitely didn't seem right.

Funny thing though I've been looking for this film for like 10 years and shortly after I posted this I think I might have found it myself.

It was either Final Option, First Option or New Option (a trilogy but I'm unclear as to which one CNX showed), I went hunting for Hong Kong action flicks of the 90s and somehow came across this actor Michael Wong,  as soon as I saw a picture of him bells started ringing and I found a trailer.

He speaks English almost the whole way through all three films while everyone around him is speaking in Cantonese!