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Help me find a film about a slapstick comedy about a detective?

So here is what I remember about the movie

  1. It used to be on Netflix. 
  2. It is a slapstick comedy.
  3. It's about a detective solving a case.
  4. It is kind of like a film noir, but it is in color.
  5. The main plot points that I do remember are:
    1. In the beginning of the film the protagonist with his assistant are at a pier at some kind of carnival. There's a ferris wheel in the background. A woman comes up to the protagonist to ask him something and the protagonist makes a penis joke about the hotdog in his hand.
    2. The protagonist's clothes get all ripped up and flap about. He enters into his furnished wooden office. His female assistant/receptionist is right behind him. He walks over to the closet and he pulls it open to grab a new outfit. The closed is filled with the same one suit.
    3. The protagonist goes to a woman's house after her husband left for work. She offers him cookies I believe, then pulls out a projector a pointer and begins to point at maps or something. It was a weird scene. Then the husband comes back home and the protagonist has to hide behind a door.
    4. Another scene I remember is in some fancy place with a chandelier. I think it's the last part of the film. 
Thank you so much to everybody for their help and support! I've been looking for the title of this film for seriously three years going on four now. 
Have a great day!
asked Sep 2, 2015 in Name That Movie by iforgotmyusername (1 point)
I'm pretty sure we're both looking for the same movie, but I saw it on Comedy Central when I was a kid.
I remember a scene where they're riding the Ferris wheel, and something really silly happens. I don't remember too much though, other than every second there was a joke. I wish I could find it too.
Any help would be greatly appreciated from this end too.
Yeah!! I totally remember that! Damn this has been frustrating me forever now. Hopefully we'll find it some day. Let's stick together Eudoxis87!!
It's been bugging me for years, I used to watch Comedy Central a lot when I was a kid, especially late at night. This was around 1997-2002, so the movie would probably be from the 80's or early 90's I think.
I wonder if there's a list of movies that have been shown on Comedy Central over the years? I can specifically remember they showed the movie "Backfire!" from 1995 near the same time, but I got the name of that movie and bought it on VHS back then.
I'm going to ask on IMDB and see if it rings a bell for anyone on there. Someone did help me find a movie I was looking for on there once, and it was a pretty obscure movie too.
Let's keep the search going!
Your question has already been answered by user Sandy, see his/her answer below. The movie you are looking for is "Fatal Instinct". Sandy even provided a link to a clip showing the hot dog scene (see the link below in the answer).
Yes! Everything fits! The pieces come together!! Thank you!!

1 Answer

"Fatal Instinct"(1993)

You can watch the hot dog scene here....
answered Sep 4, 2015 by Sandy (7,725 points)