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live action disney movie (late 90s or early 2000s) about a group of teenagers trying to be investigators or spies and solve a mystery/crime at their hometown

I remember watching this on disney channel. I think Jonathan Taylor Thomas was in it. You know, the kid from "Man of the House" (1995). Or at least I remember that he looked like one of the kids in the movie.
They were a group of kids who wanted to be spies. They even had this tree house as their HQ or it was probably some kind of house they built in one of their backyards. I think there were four boys and one girl. They were probably more though. But I do remember one of them being a girl. I think there were also 3 mean girls that kept calling them weirdos or something. And one of them was related to one of the spies.
Scenes that I remember:
Someone went missing in their town. I think it was their teacher. Anyway, it was someone they knew because I think it was a small town. It was probably a suburb.
They decide that that's going to be their first real mission.
While they investigate, one of them had to hide under the house. While this kid tries his best to be quiet, he sees a ring on the ground and tries to dig it out. He pulls so hard that a hand pops out. It's attached to the ring.
There's also this scene where the mean girls are having a sleepover and they put makeup on. Their "leader" looks out of her window and she sees from the spies' HQ a video cam pointed right at her. She quickly assumes that they were being filmed (but they weren't).
In the end of the movie, the kids become local heroes of their town. A new mission starts as they hear from the news that their local bank/museum was just robbed.
asked Sep 26, 2015 in Name That Movie by Bulb (35 points)

"Get a Clue"?

"A wealthy student with too much fashion sense, her equally rich friends, and her rival/superior from the school paper work together to solve the case when their teacher goes missing."

"The film still manages to be some what enjoyable at the fact that it is a fluffy little Disney Channel Original Movie and slapped with that title takes all the credibility away from it instantly."

Haha! I knew someone would suggest that. That's not it though. It doesn't star Lindsay Lohan and the movie was much older. But thanks anyway!
"and the movie was much older"  -  You said in your question that it was a late 90s, early 2000s movie, and this one is from 2002.:) 2002 is early 2000s.
Yeah, sorry. I just meant that the movie was much older (or just older) compared to "Get A Clue". I'm trying to remember the quality. I think it was more late 90s. I could be wrong though. But I do remember watching it in early 2000s.
Maybe one of the "Clubhouse Detectives" movies, or "Snoopers"?
It's "Clubhouse Detectives"! Thank you!
Hey, VHS, you can submit the official answer.

1 Answer

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Clubhouse Detectives

Glad we helped. Enjoy.
answered Aug 5, 2016 by VHS_Lives (10,982 points)
selected Jul 15, 2017 by Bulb