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Genie movie from 90s or 2000 in which female genie helps a high school kid?

It's been awhile, so I apologize for the lack of details. All I can really remember is that the main character is a high school (maybe college?) boy, who is kinda nerdy. Somehow, a female genie (at least I think she's a genie) decides/is ordered to help this boy either become popular, reach some sort of goal, or just graduate (maybe all the above). The genie is nice but kinda flighty and I remember her being really happy-go-lucky. There's a scene in which she shrinks herself and hides in a stein in the bathroom (a rather gross and awkward scene, but apparently memorable as I can recall parts of it). I think toward the end, the boy and the genie end up becoming friends or they fall in love or something like that.

I believe I saw this on MTV, VH1, or Comedy Central a very VERY long time ago. I seem to remember it had that 90s look to it, though I can't be sure (some early 2000 movies have the same look). I don't know any of the actors or the character names. I wouldn't call it an "adult film" but it's definitely an adult comedy (the reason the bathroom scene is memorable and the reasons leading up to that scene, etc.) I do remember the genie was and the boy were cute and both awkward in their own ways.

Oh gosh, at least I hope this was a movie... it couldn't have been a show, could it? No, I'm fairly certain it was a movie. Oh gosh.
asked May 14, 2013 in Name That Movie by heyhey (2 points)

2 Answers

answered May 19, 2013 by catbob (118 points)
Almost, but the guy was a high school kid and I think the genie had dark hair... ugh I can't remember for sure sorry. It may have been a little later than 1992, just from what I remember of the outfits and such (movie itself took place in present day I believe.) I'm trying to remember if the high school kid actually turns out to be a prince or something at the end? Something like that?
I've got it!! It was a movie called "Wish Me Luck" I couldn't remember the title at first but I remember seeing it in the 90's on USA. It's kind of a cheesy T&A flick that they showed late at night (one I wasn't supposed to be watching lol) and the version I saw was edited ( blurred breasts and such) but at the time it was the naughtiest and sexiest thing I had seen because it showed a good number of girls in thongs and other sexy outfits lol
I was able to find it bc I saw the main actor yrs later in a corny tv series about Sinbad. The actor's name is Zen Gessner
I am 99% sure this is the movie you're looking for. Let me know :-)

"Wish Me Luck"
answered Jun 21, 2013 by g_lantern2121 (20 points)
edited Jun 22, 2013 by g_lantern2121