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Modern war movie involving tanks in a freeway and then gets ambushed.

This is the only scene I can remember so far: There's a line of tanks going along what appears to be a freeway. They then reach an overpass and a conflict (I forgot what it was exactly) happens where they were halted and needed to send engineers (soldiers) to the front of the tanks to fix/do something and then they were ambushed. This is just a typical war movie, non-fiction, not sure if based on a true story though.

This is really all that I can remember. I keep thinking that this is part of Black Hawk Down but I can't check as my internet connection sucks and I can't stream it. This is definitely a mainstream movie as I barely watch indies and the likes.

I really hope someone could help me out with this as it has been bugging me for days and I really want to watch it, even though it will take me hours to stream it. Thanks, mates!
asked Nov 6, 2015 in Name That Movie by anonymous (33 points)
If you remember the details well and your description is correct, then it is definitely not Black Hawk Down. There is no freeway, no overpass, no engineers, and no tanks (like M1 Abrams main battle tanks) in BHD. Early in the movie there is a convoy of military vehicles (Humvees and 5-ton military trucks), this convoy is sent to downtown Mogadishu, they arrive at their target building without problems, and while they are waiting to pick up the prisoners, first they receive sporadic fire, then they have to run a gauntlet of enemy fire. There is a second convoy near the end of the movie, this one is sent to rescue the US soldiers who are surrounded in the city. This convoy consists of more vehicles, has more firepower, but still no tanks (there are, however, Malaysian and Pakistani armoured personel carriers in it). They extract the soldiers and under constant fire they transport them to a stadium.
Yes, thank you! I actually just watched it yesterday and got disappointed that it wasn't it. Now, do you have any idea what movie I was talking about?

I also had quite an idea that I'm remembering this as a mission on a pretty famous FPS game. But, for the life of me, I can't really be sure.