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help me find this mystery film from 1920-1980 film

A girl went with a boss' money and went to another town. before she reaches that town, she rests at a small area where she is told by a retired police that this place is dangerous and should go to a hotel nearby that place. she then reaches hotel/motel where there are only a lake, 4 rooms, an office, and an owner's house. she is welcomed by a guy. she asks where the nearest restaurant is located, the guy answers that is is so far and offered her to eat with him. she accepts. when she is waiting outside the owner's house, she hears the man and an elderly voice quarreling about bringing a girl. she also saw a shadow at the second floor of the owner's house of an elderly woman. she feels guilty and went to the office. the guy brings the food to the office and ate with the girl and chit chat with her. the guy and the girl were interested with each other. when night comes, the girl went to her room which is room number 3 and took a bath, when she was taking a bath, she saw a figure of the elderly woman and was killed.

The sister of her knew something happened and hired a detective to investigate about her sister who went missing. the detective succeeded at finding where she could be and reached the same place where the retired police also told him to go to the nearby small hotel. the same thing exactly happened with the detective and he got killed.

The sister of the woman that died got no information from the detective and knew that he was also killed, so she with her boyfriend both go to the same retired police and also was told to go the the same hotel. but she already expected things and captured the guy for murder. but when the police checked the owner's first floor and second floor, they did not found any elderly woman.

there was also a basement where the police found a skeleton of a woman wearing a similar clothing with the elderly woman's shadow.
the lake was filled with the victim's car
the victim was more or less 12 persons
the guy had a mother but died 11-14 years ago

Please help me find this movie title. THX ALOT
asked Nov 21, 2015 in Name That Movie by lsgmares (6 points)

1 Answer

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answered Nov 21, 2015 by casspir (19,171 points)
selected Nov 24, 2015 by lsgmares