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Looking for a Z-movie with a scary clown


I'm trying to find a movie I saw years ago (about 10) on french television. The antagonist was a scary clown, but the tone was rather light and it was most likely a Z-movie. The one scene I can remember of was that after beheading a guy (or finding the head, not sure) the clown starts player soccer with it.

I looked into it and became pretty sure it was from the movie Killjoy, but I quickly browsed the movie and didn't find the scene I was talking about. Any guesses ?

Thanks in advance
asked Nov 21, 2015 in Name That Movie by PierreJeanPierre (1 point)
retagged Nov 21, 2015 by PierreJeanPierre
Just in case, there are several Killjoy movies.
Yup, I forgot to mention that I checked Killjoy 2 as well. Can't be Killjoy 3 or any other after that since they were released too recently to match. Thanks anyway !
Could he just have kicked a guy's head off? Could you maybe thinking of the scene in Hostel with the kids soccer balling the head?
I think while playing he did indeed kick the head, but i'm sure it's not Hostel, which was way scarier and didn't involve a clown I think ?

I'm almost 100% sure this was a low-budget movie, basically every week on Thursday night a french TV channel used to broadcast one or two Z-movies, and I believe this is when I saw it.

1 Answer

killer clowns from outer space?
answered Nov 22, 2015 by k_star_420 (6 points)
Hi ! It's been quite some time since I last connected, sorry for my very late answer. I will try to check that movie thoroughly but from what I've seen of it, I don't think it's the one I'm looking for :/ The clown I remember could talk (until I watched it I was actually pretty sure it was Killjoy, which is really similar), the KCFOS only seem to groan. Moreover it was a humanoid clown, once again much like Killjoy.