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Movie about a man who seeks out revenge on the dirty cops who killed his son

It's about a man - I think former cop - whose son, also a cop, gets killed on duty. The man finds out that his son's partner and boss are involved in the killing, and goes to a bar where the two men are hanging out, gets drunk and catches a lift with them - tells them that he knows they killed his son, tricks them into trying to kill him and then kills the both of them.

The setting is dark and cold, sort of winter-ish, if I remember correctly, and from around 2005-2014.
asked Dec 25, 2015 in Name That Movie by Minja (6 points)

1 Answer

Best answer

That sounds exactly like an episode on season 1 of "Better Call Saul"

'For over thirty years, Mike Ehrmantraut served in the Phildelphia Police Department as a beat cop. Every officer in Mike's precinct, including Mike himself, was involved in police corruption. His son, Matthew "Matty" Ehrmantraut, followed him onto the force, but was reluctant when his partner, Troy Hoffman, offered to cut him in on a bribe he accepted from a gang. When Matty sought his father for advice, Mike told him to "go along to get along" or else risk getting killed by other cops. Matty took the advice and accepted the bribes, but Hoffman and another corrupt cop, Jack Fenske, set Matty up to be killed for fear that he would rat them out. Mike, however, figured out what really happened, so a few months later, he went to a bar that Hoffman and Fenske frequented. He feigned drunkenness and accused them of killing Matt. As Mike anticipated, they took him to a remote parking lot to be executed. However, having previously stashed a gun in their car, Mike killed Hoffman and Fenske, though was shot in the left shoulder in the process.'

answered Dec 26, 2015 by Sandy (7,725 points)
selected Jan 5, 2016 by Minja