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90's song - how can I get to you and make it alright?

Backstory: I have a bunch of tapes my older sister recorded off the radio during the 90's that I used to listen to as a tween in the early 00's. There is this one tape that has a song on it that I just can't find the name of or performer to. I've listen to the tape so much it's barely audiable and would therefore want an mp3 of it with better quality, but I can't find it by googling the lyrics. So to cut to the chase:

90's song, some kind of trancey pop-dance-like music of the mid-90's era. Female singer.

Lyrics go something like:

"Baby, what's got into to you? How can i get to you and make it alright?"

And then "ee-yeah-ee-yoo" repeated. There is also some talking or chanting in a language I can't make out that includes the words " papa" and "aquarius".

Hopefully someone knows it!

asked Jan 2, 2016 in Name That Song by ninkon (351 points)
When anyone talks about chanting pop songs, Enigma's songs come to mind, especially Sadness part 1. The lyrics do not fit, but maybe one of her songs does.
Thanks for commenting. However, I know Enigma well and that's not it.
Lyrics remind me of Robyn - With Every Heartbeat,  ,  but I'm not sure about the eee-yeah-ee-yoo or the chanting. Maybe there's a remix.

Edits, Oh, that was 2007, so far too late.
Thanks for taking time to reply, but this is not the song either.
omg i've been searching for that song for years.. haha.. i sang it to the soundhound and it found "Soul Dracula - hot blood" for me... HAHAHA.. lsiten to it.. when the ladies starts to sing it's the same as the melody in the song you're looking for right? just a very different version... lol. im getting crazy looking for this song.. I think it must have come out around 96/97 and I've tried listening through a bunch of dance mixes from that time but with no luck...

1 Answer

Best answer
YEEEESSS!!! I commented I was looking for the same song.. I finally found it.. been searching for years.. haha.. the artist is MEPHISTO song MYSTERY OF LOVE
answered Aug 23, 2016 by jhoys (25 points)
selected Aug 24, 2016 by ninkon
I think we are the only two in the world searching for the song :-D hahaha... But at least we are happy!