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80's/90's Animated kids movie about orange/yellow glowing orb things

Looks like early animation, kinda washed out, came in a black/dark colored paper sleeve for vhs. Obvs general Google terms didn't pick much up, skimmed through wiki's 80's titles, nothing really stood out. Adventure theme, not a musical, seemed light hearted, I remember it from my childhood, we had it around 2000ish, may have been a flea market/garage sale buy. I remember it as a movie may have been shorter though.

It's about children (two?) for sure one male protag, who're collecting/searching these glowing yellow/orangish orbs/worms that I think can float freely? They were the size of rocks or eggs. They might have been aliens or something. It seemed like they were kept in something siniliar to an egg carton. At least one of them was able to move. Parts took place in a cave, as well as possibly ruins, and maybe an island. There was some sort of antagonist also trying to obtain the orb things.

I haven't seen it anywhere since childhood, so I'm guessing it was pretty obscure or just not popular.
asked Jan 9, 2016 in Name That Movie by thecat879 (6 points)
edited Jan 11, 2016 by thecat879
It was fully animated? Not "Solarbabies"?
It was a fully animated cartoon, thanks for the try though!
Been working this one for you.... let's try "Faeries" and "Vytor"

If neither, can you remember what the characters looked like?
Yeah, both of those seem radicaly different. It was adventure, maybe low key sci fi. Thanks yet again for still trying though!

The children, or mc, was short and stout, like Dora/Charlie Brown, stylized differently of course, but I don't quite know what would be a good comparison for that, my memory is bad, feels like mc was a blonde or ginger.
Found this from a site:
I stumbled on this site when I was just about to give up. I am really hoping someone here can help. My sister and I are trying to remember the name of a movie we watched in the mid-to-late 90s. All we can remember is a young girl with an egg carton collecting pretty magical orbs. We think she lived on an island, over a temple and that her parents were scientists. She also may have rescued an eagle or hawk from poachers at some point during the movie. Please please help us.

BUT, this seems most promising ..
Did the last post give you any memories? Was it that "Kassai and Leuk"?
My apologies, I meant to reply earlier, neither of those were the movie I'm thinking of. The other movie site movie was live action I think?

I honestly can't remember much more about the movie, I must have been pretty young. hm

1 Answer

Best answer

I have been looking for this movie for years and I finally found it. David and the Magic Pearl

answered Dec 22, 2016 by toystory65 (30 points)
selected Dec 22, 2016 by thecat879
I had forgotten this thread but holy cow you're right! That's the movie I was remembering, thanks for taking the time to answer!