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What is this family film set in Africa?

I saw this movie which featured kids traveling to Africa from the United States to spend time with their father who was stationed there for some purpose. It wasn't Cheetah (1989), but there was a young girl and a boy (I think the girl was older) and upon arrival the girl was very upset about having to be there because she liked her real home far better and felt the experience was going to be time consuming and pointless. Later on the family meets this man with a beard who worked to preserve the environment but secretly was involved with poaching activity. At one point later on the kids get taken into custody by poachers who reveal to them that they work for the man they previously met and the kids falsely think that the man will take action against the poachers for treating his friends this way. The kids manage to escape however and while walking back to their house through the African landscape they come upon the poachers' headquarters toward the end of the movie where they blow up the storage area containing all of the ammunition rounds. The man they thought was their friend attempts to catch up in a kayak with all of them in order to get the profit he needs from the poachers but ends up tumbling over a massive waterfall.  Now certain details that I've mentioned might be foggy but I've explained everything as best I can remember.  What was this movie's title?
asked Jan 28, 2016 in Name That Movie by Horizonfinder444 (1 point)
"A Far Off Place"(1993)

You can watch the full movie here:
Actually no that's not it.  It does have a similar storyline and I watched it on youtube but it doesn't involve many of the same elements of the movie I remember watching.  Thanks though!
It was mostly the end that reminded me of it, where they blow up the storage facility with the poacher in it that they thought was a good guy, but turned out to be the bad guy. In fact, my original thought was that you might be thinking of two different movies. The end just seemed to match so well. Sorry I couldn't help!
That's all right.  Thanks for the response!
I think I may be searching for the same movie...

Does the kid (boy) get on a bus that breaks down, early on, and then drink dirty water from a pond before the African man he's walking with can stop him?  And his dad works in a mine that has a cave-in at some point?