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Medieval woman can communicate with,and see through the eyes of a modern day man but gets accused of being a witch from the stories she tells.

Seen on TV, late 80s early 90s. Film/Short/Show???
asked Feb 10, 2016 in Name That Short by MarcEMarc (6 points)

1 Answer

Best answer

"The Twilight Zone" (Eighties revival of TV anthology series)

"A Message from Charity" (episode)

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Peter Wood is a teenager sick with a fever that puts him in telepathic contact with Charity Payne, a Puritan girl from Colonial America (specifically 1700), who also has the same type of fever. The two share realistic thought-visions of each other's worlds, and Charity has a glimpse of the world in the year 1985. The teenagers discover they can communicate, and they form a true friendship.

When Charity is discovered (when she tries to humble a know-it-all neighbor girl), she is branded a witch for her knowledge of future events. Now her friend from the future must help her escape the clutches of her villagers and prove she is not a witch before she is tried and executed.

answered Feb 13, 2016 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
selected Feb 14, 2016 by MarcEMarc
Nice one.Thank you. I was only young when I watched this and never saw the end! Amazing, thanks again.
I'm almost certain that it's available on YouTube. It's one of my favorites from the revival, along with "Her Pilgrim Soul".