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Cannot remember the name of this B movie from the 80's/90's

Movie where this kinda nerdy guy in college has a crush on this girl (I think her name is Roxanne) but his jock roommate finds her too and begs him to help him get her because she is an intelligent chick he needs help on what to say so the guy ends
Up going on dates with him telling him what to say at the end the nerdy guy gets the girl after the charade is up. Can anyone help?
asked Feb 12, 2016 in Name That Movie by ace21 (1 point)

1 Answer

Maybe you are thinking of the 1987 romantic comedy Roxanne starring Steve Martin as Charlie Bales, the long-nosed witty Fire Chief of a small American town. He helps his dimwitted bashful new recruit Chris to get the girl Roxanne (played by Daryl Hannah) by writing a love letter for him, then feeding Chris suitable chat-up lines through concealed headphones and finally, after Chris annoys Roxanne by uttering his own brainless observations, visiting Roxanne disguised as Chris so he can deliver his eloquent wooing.  There is a funny scene in a bar or diner wherein a stranger, unaware of Bales' sensitivity about his abnormally large nose, shouts a crude insult only to be crushed when Bales mocks him by suggesting a string of clever insults he might have used had he the wit to think of them, showing the stranger up as a stupid oaf.

The film is a re-telling of the 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac, about the eponymous long-nosed wit.

answered Feb 13, 2016 by golux (141 points)
Thanks for answering so quickly Golux I have looked at this movie and it is not it. the movie I'm thinking about is definitely based in and around a college campus as there are some wild parties in the beginning I also remember the nerdy guy hiding in trashcans telling his jock friend what to say to Roxanne on dates and a crazy hooker that gets called through an escort service that tries to fondle him or something during a double date with Roxanne and the jock.
Darn, I thought I had it.  I still think the movie you seek is  a version of the Roxanne / Cyrano de Bergerac story: since first publication in 1897 there have been many, many versions.  Wikipedia lists 21 versions here -
The only one set on a campus (actually a school I think) is the 2000 teen movie "Whatever It Takes".
I reviewed the Bergerac movies and none in the list are the movie I'm looking for its got kind of a goofy vibe like that of animal house