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Doctor suffers blackmail of a nurse, in the end the doctor thinks in jump his window and drown herself at the sea.

A doctor is blackmailed by a nurse who discovers a secret; The doctor ends up killing the nurse and become of the crime, in the end, when the police come to the doctor's house, he goes into the bathroom and think: jump out the window and go running to the sea to commit suicide drowning; But he thinks best and destroy all the evidence against him playing in the toilet.


asked Feb 17, 2016 in Name That Movie by gaku23 (6 points)
Hey, gaku23, is "The Good Doctor" the movie you are looking for (see my answer below, I am sure it is the right one)? Please give us a feedback. Many thanks.

1 Answer

Best answer

"The Good Doctor" (2011)

Detailed plot:

"An orderly, Jimmy, discovers a diary in which Diane had recorded her feelings towards Martin. Recognizing that even the implication of an improper doctor-patient relationship could potentially damage Martin's career, Jimmy uses the diary to blackmail Martin into providing him with narcotics. When Jimmy reveals that he intends to never hand over the diary, Martin laces the drugs with potassium cyanide and kills Jimmy, then breaks into his locker and steals the diary.

During the course of the criminal investigation in Jimmy's death, Martin is questioned by a police detective who comes to visit him at his home. Martin becomes panicked and visibly awkward during the questioning, eventually locking himself in the bathroom and attempting to flush the diary down the toilet. When the toilet clogs, Martin climbs out the window and goes to the ocean, where he contemplates suicide. Instead, he sneaks back into his apartment and puts the diary in the garbage."

answered Aug 10, 2016 by casspir (18,801 points)
selected Aug 19, 2016 by gaku23
I am sure this is the movie you are looking for. If you agree, please select my answer above as Best Answer by clicking on the yellow star next to my answer above. Thanks.