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70s or 80s road trip crime spree type movie with 2 guys and 1 chick

No well known stars in this road trip crime spree type movie. Movie itself is circa late 70's early 80's and takes place at the present time.
Two guys from a small town ( one blond guy and one with dark hair) go on the run because one guy committed a crime (against his friends advice.)I think he was supposed to be stealing money or food but instead I think he stole a cassette tape (?) So they leave the small town where they live, to avoid getting arrested.
The one guy thinks he’s a real ladies man and picks up an older chick at Bar. I am assuming the plan was to hustle her for money our maybe a place to stay but after sleeping with her she turns out to be a total psycho as well as a drunken tramp and they decide to tie her up. At some point her daughter comes home and is smoking hot and wild acting so the 3 steal a car and go on the run with the both of them screwing her and acting like her boyfriends. they meet an indian chick who is stranded at a truck stop. She is offered to ride along.
The 4 of them camp in the desert and there is a lost dog at some point. The hot chick turns out, is as crazy as her mom and in the middle of an armed robbery at a bank she humiliates the two guys for being lames and leaves the bank with some dude she never met before but that doesn’t mind robbing the bank with her.the movie ends with the two guys hitting the beach in I think malibu. Please help
asked Apr 4, 2016 in Name That Movie by Lovelydammned (2 points)
Was it a "crime spree" movie with road trip elements? I am trying to find it for you, but am having difficulty. Can you remember all the crimes?
It was just exactly as I described it.the details I mentioned are really the only ones I can recall.sorry I wish I had more for you to go was a totally cheesy movie, even for the time tho,I am pretty was definitely not a huge blockbuster or anything. I do remember tho that the three of them the 2 guys and the girl were on the highway in a car and a cop pulled them over and the girl tried to offer him sex and when he turned her down she somehow put him in the trunk and the two guys were very shocked and impressed. I THINK  they may have also stolen a big rig from a red neck trucker couple and after impersonating them on the radio ran into them at another truck stop..awkward...