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Romance novel

Main character is a woman that goes in Scotland or Ireland, in the country side where there are a lot of sheep. She seems out of place, needs to meet with some castle heir. I don't remember why, maybe she was a photographer. She almost got lost and met this young man that was rude to her when she used her horn to make the sheep get of her way, He told her the sheep are like people here, you need to respect them. She finally got to her destination only to find out that guy is the person that she has to meet. They don't seem to get along. He's more old fashioned and dislikes girls like her but with time he keeps protecting her. Once she went sightseeing, he told her to come back fast because it's going to rain but she didn't listen because it was sunny, after a time it got cloudy and a fog appeared. She couldn't find her way and then she had an accident. She ran over an animal, she got out of her car and was crying near that animal when he came out of no where. He helped her and brought her home. Things like that kept happening. I also remember she had a boyfriend. I don't remember when they felt the attraction and if they kissed before that boyfriend came but they both fell for each other at that point. In the end this guy talked with her boyfriend and they both agree that she was already in love with him not the boyfriend. He apparently got in a bad accident and she found out that he might die like any other man in their family, before he could get to the age 35 (not sure if it's the right age). Considering that he was closer to his birthday one of his employees took the family necklace and took it in the old castle. It was some kind of curse. I don't remember the details but the curse had smth to do with that necklace. They went together to get it and she was the one that found it. He even said that this must be a woman's instinct.

I think the accident happened after they found the necklace, I'm not sure.

In the end they live together and the fact that they took the necklace back in the old castle themselves it is mentioned.
asked Apr 4, 2016 in Name That Book by CristinaTengwar (70 points)
edited Apr 5, 2016 by CristinaTengwar
"The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall" by Lauren Smith.
This is not the book, it doesn't have the darkness or historic story lines in it. It is more dark than mine. The one I look is more light. Besides the story is different. In the book I'm looking for the man doesn't have any secrets and we find out about the necklace only when she's already with him. We don't have any paranormal.