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Can you guess this Sci-Fi?

Okay, bear with me. I saw this movie twice 6 or 7 years ago on what I believe to be the Sci-Fi Channel so my memory might be a bit fuzzy.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Action, Adventure, Thriller.

The lighting is always very dark and gray. Ash and sand covers almost all of the ground. I recall there being a scene with a blimp and people would have to pay 2 douchebags (Have nazi themed clothing. 1 tall skinny and other short and fat.) to leave the area to someplace better. (I can't remember if it's planet-to-planet travel or just another area of Earth.)

There are zombie-like creatures but, are more comparable to the creatures in "I am Legend". They seem to stick to underground or dark buildings. (Note: There is no Sun all movie, skies are always clouded and dark with just enough light to make everyday living possible. Also, has a red tint in lighting.)

The part of the movie that stuck out the most: The main crew armed to the teeth with weaponry travel underground. What they find is an open large hall(like that of a hotel entrance) inside a building. They soon find out that the building they're in is an old hotel buried underground. They find a elevator shaft at the end of the main hall that leads even further underground(long long long way down.) They gear up and head downward except for two characters (one female and the other I think was an Asian male.) that setup an MG nest to hold the elevator shaft and hallway for as long as possible. Things do happen in the elevator shaft like somebody falls halfway down and lands on some wooden boards stretch across the shaft, barely saving him from falling all the way down. At the boards is another floor of the building and they continue that way downward. (Keep in mind it's underground and there's dirt, caves, and etc branching off with the hotel. It's also very dark which they use flashlights/flares for.) I start to forget what is after all of this but, I do remember them coming across a machine that is creating these creatures from dead corpses underground and sending them about. I think there is only 2 remaining of the party by the end. 1 Male 1 Female.


I know this was a lot. I have been looking for this for half an eternity it feels like. I feel like it was just part of a dream but, feels way too much like I watched it. Tried to be as descriptive as possible. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

(Still looking. Suggestion of Doom was a similar feeling but, not correct. Thank you though!)
asked Apr 21, 2016 in Name That Movie by ggnorelolmoap (1 point)
edited Apr 21, 2016 by ggnorelolmoap
Could be either the "Dawn of the Dead" ( or "Day of the Dead" ( remakes.
Any chance, it is "Xtro II: The Second Encounter"?

1 Answer

I'm almost certain your movie is Mutant Chronicles (2008). Tom Jane, John Malkovich, and Ron Perlman fighting cursed zombies in a dystopian steampunk future.
answered Sep 2, 2016 by ratpelt (66 points)