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Name of novel with an heir to mansion or castle in present days

She is engaged and goes to a mansion/castle in the countryside to meet with the heir. She doesn't know but she accidentally meets him, she has a little fight with him because she didn't know who is she talking to. The fight is about the sheep that blocked her way. He didn't like that she used the horn to scare them. He explained that they are like people here.

She then finds out who that man was and disliked the man that she was supposed to work with. i don't remember why, maybe she's a photographer.

In time she finds out that he is somehow cursed. The men in this family don't survive the age of 35 (I don't remember exactly it might be other age). When the family jewels disappear he goes with her somewhere on island if I'm not mistaken where the life is simple, he knew where to look for it because that used to be his family land. He knew the person who brought there, an old servant that believed in the curse. The curse said that if the jewel (some kind of necklace maybe) shouldn't leave the original land. But because the family left, the men kept dying. The interesting part is that she is the one to find it, she put her arm in the old fire place, at the upper part, inside of it and felt the necklace. He praised the female's intuition. Of course they feel attracted to each other, I think they sleep together for the first time in that place, an old house with old servants. They go back and her fiance came to her, but he realises that she is in love with that heir so he leaves. There is also the moment when he almost did the same thing as she did with the sheep, she automatically stops him and repeats the words of that heir about the sheep. After her ex-fiance leaves she goes to a some kind of contest of cars where the heir participates only to find him with wounds. She is scared but he joked about :"You should have seen the car" or smth like that (it could be a tractor).

They remain together but in the end it is mentioned that he, even if he still doesn't believe in the curse, went and left the necklace in the old land where the servant brought it in the 1st place in order for her to be relaxed.

asked May 4, 2016 in Name That Book by CristinaTengwar (70 points)