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Horror Movie

the movie i am talking about is a horror movie in the end of the movie girls tries to escape from men want to kill them and all girls and men killed except man and girl. the girl found a car a man try help her too stop the killer and the girl run to a house to found a wife to found she the wife of the man who try to kill her then she hit the killer and his wife to tried to escape and fall in a Swimming pool and she fight him until she killed him. after that suddenly the wife hit her with A sharp tool and this is the end of the movie. i think some of the characters names was Kat or Kate , Lilli , Ethan, Jack, Tory as i remember and it is a modern movie i mean during 2000s or 2010s not before that .
asked May 12, 2016 in Name That Movie by edadam (1 point)
it cant be frontiers because thats about a group of french people hiding out due to the riots over the new president and one of them gets shot so they take him and his sister to the hospital were he dies and 2 of them try to leave the contry and they stop at this empty hotel were they are attacked and they tried to leave and they were run off the road and chased by cannibalistic creatures and then there friends end up looking for them and was invited to dinner then they where attacked and looked in a cage and managed to dig there way out but the boy gets shot in the head and the girl escapes and ends up killing them all
that's right horror fan 1998
Fair enough. But they weren't cannibalist "creatures". They were people, Horror fan 1998.
im dont mean the people at the motel did you see i part were the 2 men slept with the twin sister and then i think it was there brother but a man tried 2 attack them but they got away and they were driving away but one of the other men was chasing them and they crashed off the bridge and got out of the car and they were in the tunnel there was the cannibalistic creatures
Sorry, I didn't understand what you wrote, but I didn't see any creatures like that in the movie. Maybe I missed that.

1 Answer

answered Oct 22 by pori (712 points)