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Suspense...I know pretty much the whole plot (which is typed) but need help with the title. It is probably a lifetime movie.

I don't know the actors or anything but this suspense movie is about a girl with a little brother. They are walking to school when they run into this creepy teen boy (he basically looks like a vampire-pale skin, black hair). They have a weird feeling when they are around him. They then figure out he lives in the same neighborhood as them and does weird things suck as killing birds and small animal. One day the older girl is home watching her little bro and she hears a thud on her window and goes out the back door to see what it was. She finds a dead bird outside and knows the "goth" kid threw it there. When she goes back inside, her brother is gone. The girl and her mom kidnap the goth boy and take him to some garage and try to torture him to get him to tell them where the boy is. They take off all his clothes-except his underwear-then put him in a small cage with his hands tied up. The mom leaves the girl in the house with him like that and he coaxes her into the garage. He wants her to give him water. He gets away and she freaks out. Eventually she finds his drug friends and they tell her where he hangs (an abandoned house).  She finds her little brother locked up in a shed or something at the abandoned house. The goth kid said he did stuff to the boy because his older brother used to do bad stuff to him when he was younger. The goth kid's mom was in on the whole thing but didn't agree with his doings. Finally, the mom and sister get the little brother and stab the goth kid in the hand or foot or something like that and are safe. I can't remember any of the actors/actresses but I would really appreciate help with the title. Thanks for reading.
asked Jun 22, 2016 in Name That Movie by Rae1900 (1 point)
edited Jun 22, 2016 by Rae1900

1 Answer

answered Jun 28, 2016 by mechz (61 points)