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Can you find this movie!!?? PLEASE RESPOND!!!

The movie has many scenes I will explain as much as I can remember.. I

Was around 6 years old I was watching this movie it is from lifetime I can't remember as much but I hope I can explain as much for someone to find this movie!!  The first scene I remember was a girl goes down to the basement and finds a name craved in a piece of wood that reaches from the top of the basement ceiling to the floor of it, the next scene was the mother told the "daughter" I'm guessing, to wash the dishes the mother puts knives in the sink and the girl cuts with the knives in the sink.. The next scene was someone moved into a new house and the mom spills something ok the ground and tells the little boy to go upstairs in the bathroom to get a towel he gets it and see's something and gets scared! So far that's all I can remember for sure it was a lifetime movie PLEASE RESPOND!
asked Jul 5, 2016 in Name That Movie by Devonchaboya (2 points)
"The Glass House:  The Good Mother"  starring Angie Harmon. If you go to IMDB you'll find the URL. If it's the movie you're looking for.  Angie plays the role of the mother who along with her husband adopt a teen girl and her brother.
Thank you so much!!!!
Was this the movie you were looking for?  I've actually seen "The Glass House: The Good Mother."  This couple had a son that died before they adopted these siblings, I think the mother had something to do with his death. I know NTM wants the title in italics and the URL from IMDB but I don't know how to italicize and IMDB won't let me copy and paste, so I do the best I can.
You don't have to italicize the movie title. It is preferred to have the titlw written, then you can copy and paste the web address for the imdb link to the film, or wiki, etc., if you like. Great answer by the way.
Yes! I saw it last night it was great just like I remembered!
Thank you VHS Lives. I've read a lot of your comments and answers, you are very good and very nice!

1 Answer

"Glass House: The Good Mother" (2006)

Found out by user katsr4me in the comments.

answered Aug 31, 2019 by casspir (19,141 points)